The Awareness Project

In silence we become aware of our true self – Thich Nhat Hanh.

Mindfulness & Movement

Ellen Gorman.  Photo Credit: Eliza Abrams

I am currently working on the script for a series of live performances that will integrate mindfulness meditation, modern dance and live music.

My goal is to educate and engage the audience through an immersive experience that will include a brief explanation of mindfulness, a guided meditation followed by an audience feedback session, culminating in an improvised dance performance that will embody the entire experience including audience feedback.  During the event dance will be used to interpret the spoken word, which will facilitate understanding and deepen the experience for all involved.  The performance will have 4 components:

  • Spoken word interpreted with dance
  • Mindfulness meditation for all present
  • Reflection and sharing within small groups.
  • Sharing with all; interpreted with dance & music

Unlike other artistic events, this will be a highly participatory performance during which the audience will interact with the dancers, musicians and technical crew as they all learn mindful techniques, meditate and share feedback with each other.  Audience members will be encouraged to participate in the movement component, which can be done from a seated position, standing position and of course, through dance.

I’ve been working on this project for over a year now and have written several drafts of the script.   As part of the creative research, I held exploratory meetings with several choreographers to discuss my vision for the movement and musical components of this project.  I also held a workshop session with a modern dance company (MAX) to obtain feedback on the script and the overall project design.

I have obtained letters of support from three organizations and plan to produce three shows in 2020.  I have submitted several grants to fund these performances and once funding is secured, I will recruit the artists and begin to operationalize the show and make it ready for production.

My vision is to develop this concept fully and eventually perform it at multiple venues throughout Cape Cod.  I plan to target both small and large venues such as senior centers, community centers, yoga centers and schools as well as performing arts centers.  I’ve had exploratory conversations with the executive directors of two leading arts centers: The Cotuit Center for the Arts and the Sandwich Arts Alliance.

It is my sincere desire to use Mindfulness & Movement to enlighten, entertain and educate as many people as possible, about the value and benefits that can result from a daily practice of mindfulness.

Pete Cormier, Ph.D.

Please excuse the unfinished look of this site.  It is new and still under development.  

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