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March Walks, Rosary Beads & Falling Seeds.

Boardwalk Beach, Sandwich

This week I found myself drawn to the ocean, so on a somewhat balmy day of 40 degree temps, I did some beach walking.  As usual, I found a few interesting rocks to take home.  The bright sunshine reflecting off the snow required sunglasses but made the brisk wind enjoyable.  On the way back to the car, I was became mesmerized by the deep greens and blues of salt water running fast under the boardwalk.  I paused to savor the moment.  The Sandwich boardwalk is a unique structure because it allows one to feel completely immersed in the wide open marsh, which changes dramatically depending on the tides and time of year.

Mill Creek from the Boardwalk, Sandwich

Later, I took a walk in the snowy woods behind my house.  I noticed that my eyes were drawn to the far edges of my vision field.  I realized I could see much further into the woods because of the snow-covered ground.  So, if there was a creature stirring in the distance, I would be able to see he or she silhouetted against the white back ground.  This possibility heightened my senses.  It made me stop occasionally and gaze around.

Snowy Woods
Barnstable Woods


Which is how I also discovered these bright blue rosary beads hanging from a tree.   Now this is someone you don’t see everyday.  I wonder what the story is behind these beads and how they came to be hanging on this tree, in the snowy woods of Barnstable in March.



Last reflection.  Two days ago I was sitting in Beth’s Bakery in downtown Sandwich.  My table was facing the front window.  My eyes were drawn to 2 birds and 1 squirrel frantically scouring the snowy ground together near the side of a white clapboard building across the street.  Looking closer I discovered the culprit: a swinging bird feeder attached to the house near a second story window, directly above the 3 creatures.

As I watched, the feeder was visited by a small bird, followed by a large blue Jay, which caused the swinging feeder to spew seeds on the ground far below.  A cardinal flitted around, too nervous to partake in the bounty.  I went back to my writing.  A short time later, I looked up to find squirrel and cardinal on the ground, side by side, pecking away. Harmony in nature.

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