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Guided Meditations

Free, Live Meditation – Wed at 9am

My regularly scheduled free live guided mindfulness meditation on zoom occurs every Wednesday at 9am EST.

This 40-minute guided mindfulness meditation uses verbal prompts to help you get used to noticing physical sensations, emotions and thoughts, without getting caught up in them. By practicing these mindfulness techniques, my hope is that you will eventually be able to remain balanced and grounded when encountering the life challenges we all face.

Simply click the link below or visit http://www.zoom.com and enter the meeting ID and password. I start the meeting at 8:55 so don’t get nervous if you join early and don’t see me. I leave about 10-minutes at the end for comments, questions.


Meeting ID: 763 485 651
Password: mindful

Reach out to me at pete@theawareness.org if you would like more info or visit www.theawarness.org to learn about other classes and events we offer to help you deepen your mindful practice.

Previously Recorded Guided Meditations

I have also recorded several guided audio meditations so you can listen to them at any time. Simply click the following photos, which are links to my audio files on Soundcloud to listen to my recorded audio guided meditations:

Gratitude for Breath, Body & Mind – Guided Meditation
Open Awareness – Guided Meditation
Let it Be – Guided Meditation

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