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Engaging the Self:

This project involves multiple virtual performances, which will integrate spoken word, movement, and mindfulness meditation. The goal of these performances is to promote the benefits of mindfulness through an immersive audience experience that includes three components.

  • Original One Act Play: New Self, Old Self
  • Stationary & Movement-Based Mindfulness Meditation
  • Reflection, Journaling & Sharing

This project was created by The Awareness Project, Inc., a nonprofit organization in Sandwich, whose mission is to enhance the health and resiliency of Cape Cod residents by promoting the practice of mindfulness. Our collaborating partners include the Sandwich Arts Alliance, the Sandwich Cultural Council, the Mid-Cape Cultural Council and the Barnstable Adult Community Center.

Multiple 60-minute performances will be held from May-July, 2021on the zoom platform. These performances will be free and open to the public, however donations will be accepted to fund future events by the The Awareness Project, Inc. a nonprofit. Each performance will be promoted here, on via social media and other means. Check back for more details.

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