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The Awareness Project

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The Awareness Project, Inc. is a nonprofit based in Sandwich, MA serving the residents of Sandwich and the surrounding Cape Cod communities.

Mindfulness & Awareness
Mindfulness is paying attention, on purpose in a non-judgmental manner, in the present moment.  While mindfulness brings a sharp focus, awareness sees the whole picture.  Awareness centers us by allowing us to step back and observe each thought, emotion, and physical stimulus without letting any or all of them take over our consciousness.  Awareness helps us discover how the conscious being within each of us is aware of who we really are.

Image Credit: Pete Cormier

The Awareness Project is dedicated to enhancing the health and resiliency of the Cape Cod community by promoting the practice of mindfulness and by providing access to mindfulness meditation services so that all may reap the benefits of a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Our goals are:
(1) to educate the community about the benefits of mindfulness,
(2) to provide mindfulness meditation services to the community, and
(3) to make mindfulness practices accessible to everyone in the community.

My motivation for this organization stems from my deeply held belief that a mindful practice has many benefits.  Current literature claims that mindfulness meditation can help one recognize and manage stressful thoughts and situations, which may lead to a more balanced and healthier outlook.  According to the website of the Center for Mindfulness at UMass Medical School, “mindfulness has been proven to be effective in helping to treat, along with medical and psychological treatments, people who suffer from many challenges including chronic pain, anxiety & depression, chronic disease, work, family and emotional distress, eating disturbances, and sleeplessness.”

Please check out our Call to Artists to learn about our future performance events will integrate mindfulness meditation and visual, performance and literary arts.

Please excuse the unfinished look of this site.  It is new and still under development.  

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