Mindfulness in Art & Nature

This blog contains reflections on mindful practices while engaged in art-making or in nature.


PeteCamioHeadShotJuneI am new to Cape Cod.  I moved here in January, 2018 after living in central Massachusetts.  I came here for the many ways to engage with nature; beaches, lakes, hiking and biking trails, kayaking, paddle-boarding etc.

I try to bring a mindful practice to all aspects of my life.  I have a background in nonprofit management and community engagement and I teach courses in these subjects at both Lesley University and Worcester State University.

I am a musician and a nature artist.  I enjoy writing and working with my hands.  I’ve recently started a handyman / home construction & repair business, info here: www.sandwichshowers.com .

You can reach me at petecormier@comcast.net or at 978-855-8160


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