I jumped a doe the other day
while walking in the woods.
She didn’t go far.
I saw her stop.

I froze and watched
she did the same.
She knew I was there
we started a game.

She dropped her head
then raised it quickly
and stared in my direction.
I remained frozen.

The woods grew still.
Insects buzzed
and the trees swayed.
We both waited.

I heard the dull thump
as she stomped her front leg.
She peered through branches.
I stayed still.

She snorted loudly,
an unusual sound.
Her eyes searched.
I rested in silence.

Even after she bounded away
I held the pose
and treasured the moment
of our woodland encounter.

You can hear an audio version of this post at link to audio file narrated by my friend, Rich Bodurtha.  Contact Rick for voice over work at dsbentourage@icloud.com .