I am working on a performance experience that will combine mindfulness meditation, dance and music to inspire, entertain and educate audiences to the benefits of living mindfully.  I intend to use spoken word, movement, and music to create an immersive audience experience involving mindfulness, awareness and embodiment.

Ellen Gorman. Photo credit: Eliza Abrams.

The Awareness Project intends to show how a practice of mindfulness and awareness can  lead to a way of being that is not caught up in a reactive jumble of thought, sensation and impulse.  We will also demonstrate the somatic knowledge within in our bodies.

Mindfulness is paying attention, on purpose in a non-judgmental manner, in the present moment.  While mindfulness brings a sharp focus, awareness sees the whole picture.  Awareness centers us by allowing us to step back and observe each thought, emotion, and physical stimulus without letting any or all of them take over our consciousness.  Embodiment is a process that arises out of such a deep awareness.  Awareness helps us discover how the conscious being within each of us is aware of who we really are.

Image Credit: Pete Cormier


This performance will use spoken word & movement to inform and stimulate conversations, followed by improvised movement and music to interpret shared experiences, resulting in a highly participatory performance integrating all of the above.

Dates:  2020
Location:  Locations on Cape Cod

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