It’s the second day of 2019, the year is ahead of us all.  What kind of year will it be for each of us?  The possibilities are endless, don’t you think?

Two days ago, my 35 year corporate job came to an end, an unplanned event, which has facilitated a perfect transition.  I am now free to embark on my twin goals of teaching and building.  The teaching involves work as an adjunct professor at Lesley University, teaching courses in community arts and nonprofit philanthropy.  The building involves a startup home repair and handyman business specializing in the design and construction of outdoor showers, like this one below, my first.


In addition,

I hope to continue on a journey of daily mindful practice, to become an aware, conscious being.

I hope to listen deeply to others.

I hope to take care of my body, to nourish it through exercise and healthy nourishment.

I hope to engage my creative energy and create.

I hope to spend copious amounts of time in nature and enjoy observing creatures, like a red-headed woodpecker, which I spotted a few moments ago in my backyard pushing an acorn along the ground.

Red Headed Woodpecker

The photo is not the woodpecker I spotted, it is from google, but this photo will give you an idea of it’s vibrant red head.  What do you hope to do in 2019, dear reader?